You can obtain the following products of the RadonProtect System from us. 
You can also purchase alpha track dosimeters or electronic radon measuring instruments.


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RadonProtect Folie
RadonProtect Folie

The RadonProtect foil is an economical and practical way to achieve effective indoor protection against radon. Whether in new buildings or renovation of existing buildings.  


The RadonProtect foil is a radon gas-tight PE-laminated aluminum foil, which is also used as a vapor barrier. The radon gas-tightness has been checked by recognized expert Dr. Joachim Kemski, Bonn.

The RadonProtect foil is easy to install. The sheets are welded with hot air. This is time and cost saving.


RadonProtect Foil


RadonProtect Folie mit Wikaflor Schutzvlies
RadonProtect Folie mit Wikaflor Schutzvlies

Wikaflor is a very robust protection fleece with a greenish color, which protects the RadonProtect foil from mechanical damage.
Wikaflor is used in sandwich construction with the RadonProtect foil.

Detailed data please refer to the technical data sheet.



Wikaflor Datasheet

Lüftungsboden WIKA Hobo
Lüftungsboden WIKA Hobo

The ventilation floor WIKA Hobo was originally used for moisture protection and has been used for many years.
The ventilation floor WIKA Hobo can also be used as a drainage floor in combination with the RadonProtect Foil for eliminating radon. Depending on the building, the ventilation floor can be laid under or on the base plate.

The ventilation floor is available in different heights, thicknesses and designs. We have the right type for your application.


Alpha track dosimetres offer a simple and inexpensive method of determining the radon average value over a longer measurement duration. The dosimetres are placed indoors. The measurement duration is from a few weeks up to one year. The annual average value is used for comparison with the legal guidelines.

Functionality, simplified:

  • Radon gas diffuses passively into the dosimetre.
  • Radon decay products are retained by the filter.
  • During radioactive decay of radon, alpha particles are emitted and impact on the detector film of the dosimeter. This causes trace elements to remain.
  • The dosimeters are sent to the laboratory for analysis. There the traces are made visible by using special etching methods. The traces are counted. High radon activity concentrations cause a corresponding number of traces and tracks.

Setup Guide as PDF

Radon Scout Plus
Radon Scout Plus

Electronic measuring instruments, such as Radon Scout plus, DoseMan and Canary offer the advantage that a relatively short measurement duration is sufficient to obtain a preliminary overview of the situation. These instruments are set up indoors, to search penetrations paths or for soil gas measurements.

If you desire to carry out a permanent radon monitoring in your residence or basement yourself, the electronic meter Canary is suitable, because it is reliable in continuous operation, at a low purchase price.

Functionality (simplified)

  • Radon passes through diffusion into the electronic measuring apparatus.
  • In a pulse ionization chamber or a semiconductor detector, the generated electronic pulses are counted.
  • Fluctuations in the concentration of radon are detected.
  • The data can be displayed with time resolution.
  • The results can be read directly on the meter.


Radon-Scout Plus
Radon Monitor